Women´s Ministry
 “Women of Grace”

The maturation, edification, and spiritual growth of women are vital for any healthy church. Here at Grace Covenant Church, the ongoing desire is to come along beside women from all walks of life, and show them the love of Christ. Women of Grace have open arms for women of all marital status. Our goal is to have biblical teachings, forums, outings and the like, to create a strong bond of unity among the women. Our ultimate mission is to create and atmosphere of change in the lives of women, that will be pleasing unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Men's Ministry
“Covenant Men"

It is of utmost importance for men to take their rightful place in the church and be leaders. For some time now women have become the major supporters of the modern day church. Men have allowed themselves to fade in the background, and not be the visible leaders the church need. Here at Grace Covenant we desire to help men take their rightful place in the church, home, work, and community. God has called men to be responsible, and with that godly responsibility, men create an atmosphere of security. Covenant men is on a mission to come along beside the men, to transform their lives to be one of character, integrity, and spiritual maturity.

Youth Ministry

In order for the kingdom of God to be impacted in complete ways, youth must be an integral part of that mission. It is the heritage of the saints to leave a legacy of Christian service. The next generation of youth to carry this legacy cannot be overlooked. Here at Grace Covenant Church we strive to have our youth be an important part of the church mission. We currently have youth forums, outings, and participation is ministries. We are looking forward to the expansion of our youth ministries here at Grace Covenant.

Missions Ministry

One our primary missions at Grace Covenant Church is to help those in need. Oftentimes the ministry of giving practical items such as food and clothing can express the true essence of one´s heart to those in need. Grace Covenant Church is constantly expanding the Missions ministry to meet the practical needs to those within our church, the community, and abroad.

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Our Vision

To help build lives based upon the principles and teachings of the Word of God.
To cause transformation that will positively impact the Kingdom of God locally, nationally, and internationally.


Our Mission

Our mission at Grace Covenant church International is to see every person through the eyes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We desire to show love and compassion to each individual from all walks of life, and meet them at their point of need. We want to help individuals discover their true identity as disciples of Jesus. With that identity, these individuals will have purpose, meaning, and a desire to impact the body of Christ in a harmonious way.


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